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The Forgotten Temple: Treasure Map

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Treasure Map

The players found this map in the griffon’s lair.

The Forgotten Temple pt. 1: The Well Caves

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The party landed itself in pretty hot water while exploring the Ulthar Hills, and by hot water I mean up on a barren ridge fighting a pack of griffons at the entrance to their lair.  Casualties were severe.  The survivors fled into the lair (a cave), where they found an old ironbound door, which they managed to get open, get through, and bar behind them.  Nowhere to go but forward and down…

Well Caves

Using Dwellers of the Forbidden City with Labyrinth Lord

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Anyone know much about what tweaks need to be made to use an AD&D 1st edition with an older edition retro-clone like Labyrinth Lord or Swords and Wizardry? I’ve got a copy of Dwellers of the Forbidden City and I’d love to run it, but I am not sure what the differences would be in terms of monsters. I suppose converting to Swords and Wizardry would be the easiest because there’s that big document of monsters for S&W floating around the internet, so I assume anything in DotFC is written up in there anyway.

But is there any kind of general consensus as to switching around between different retro-clones and other retro games? Just curious.