Savage Fading Suns

One of my ongoing projects is to put together a usable conversion of Fading Suns to Savage Worlds. I love the Fading Suns setting just absolutely and unabashedly, but my go-to system is almsot always Savage Worlds. Granted, Savage Worlds is flexible enough that one option would be just to run Savage Wrolds out of the box and not worry about it. And that’s sort of a fine temporary fix. But I want something a bit more custom-tailored so it captures all of the setting/system interplay that I love.

Like I said, it’s a long-term project; the kind I pick up and put down and pick up again later when I have time and inclination. But this page is an index to all of the posts I have made on this blog (and elsewhere) about this project.

A Thread I Started Last Year On Pinnacle’s Forum

May 19, 2010: Wyrd Bennies and Occult Paths

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