D&D Monsters

Here’s an index of all the monsters I have cooked up for the megadungeon I am working on. I’ll post more about the dungeon later, but one of my design choices is to use all or at least primarily new monsters, as the dungeon is as much an exercise of creative imagination on my part as it is ever intended to be run for players. As I envision this dungeon, I try to envision the weird horrors that inhabit it without feeling bound by a list of monsters in a game book.

I’m not sure if I will ultimately run this dungeon using Dark Dungeons, Labyrinth Lord or Lamentations of the Flame Princess (I’m leaning toward the latter for various reasons even though the idea of a monster-stocked dungeon runs kind of counter to James Raggi’s design philosophy for LotFP as I understand it), but for now I am statting up monsters for Labyrinth Lord since it seems to be a kind of lingua franca for old-school gaming.

Whether or not this dungeon ever gets finished or at least made playable, I intend to compile all of the monsters I create or adapt into it into my own personal book-o-monsters, which I will eventually try to make available as a free PDF.

Also, awesomely, I managed to rope my old man into illustrating these monsters as I stat them up. You may know his work if you were a gamer in the 1980’s (Jeff Rients does, at least), when it seemed like his art was everywhere.

Anyway, here there be monsters. Feel more than free to comment and give feedback generally, or as to specific monsters.

Albino Alligator
Blightling, Blight Hulk
Blightling, Blight Priest
Dark Druid
Foul Hound
Slime Eel
Slime Eel, Giant Mutant

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