Digging into Adventure: The Annals of Stonehell Dungeon – Season 2 – Fifth Session

The Annals of Stonehell are the weekly record of the semi-seasonal game of D&D that I run using the brilliant Michael Curtis’s Stonehell dungeon.  (Go and buy it now; it’s worth every dang penny.)  All installments are indexed here.

June 29, 2017

The following veritable army of Cobalt Cobras descended into Stonehell for gold and glory:

  • “Hot Pot” Sullivan (halfling thief) and her henchman, Bob Agamemnon (fighter)
  • Reader Stedda (cleric) and his henchman, Bootblack (thief)
  • Fat Jack Blackfort (thief) and his henchman, Nibbles Neuberger (fighter)
  • Brother Criam from Qualer (cleric) and his henchman, Burt Slime (fighter)
  • Leaper Dray (thief)
  • Fast Fist Forbinn (fighter) and his henchman, Conchobar (fighter)
  • Thepp the Squinter (thief) and his henchman, Big Ol’ Roy (fighter)
  • Opill the Undersage (magic-user) and his henchman, Rodrigo (thief)
  • Veronica of Ghotir (magic-user)
  • Knar the Broken (fighter) and his henchman, Cod Cully (fighter)

The adventure began in Kobold Korners, after our heroes, the Cobalt Cobras, encountered the menacing black-eyed elf.  After some lengthy discussion, they decided to go ahead and try the medusa Lachesis again.  The plan was to offer her the book with the ouroboros on the cover (that they found in the spider room, two sessions ago).  The party could not read the book, but they hoped Lachesis would be able to and that it would tell her how to pass through the Ouroboros Gate.  Lachesis was unfortunately not there when the player characters went knocking, so they decided to do some exploring.  Here’s what they found:

A grand foyer!  With treasure!  After mucking around an empty room that had old spider webs on the ceiling (and by “mucking about” I mean, of course, “they lit it on fire”), and where Reader Stedda pocketed an old wineskin with some delicious liquor in it, the party found their way to a large pillared foyer with stairs down and a double door that the party could not budge.  Brother Criam from Qualer searched the pillars and found a hefty treasure cache filled with gold coins and jewelry.

Heavy manual labor!  And monsters!  And a dead body!  The party then came to a collapsed tunnel, which they decided to excavate.  The project took roughly two hours, during which time the party had an encounter with a curious giant tarantula (which Knar the Broken annihilated in one magnificent shot) and an aggressive gelatinous cube (which engulfed Fat Jack Blackfort, who nearly died before the other player characters killed it).  They also dug the body of an adventurer out of the rubble, but then they forgot to search it, so who knows what they passed up.  Probably they’ll never know because some other enterprising adventurer will get to the body first and loot it.  Live and learn, Cobalt Cobras, live and learn!

The greenhouse effect?  And an unusually relaxing chapel!  Past the collapsed hallway, the temperature and humidity increased substantially, and walls and floor were completely covered in lichen, mold and leafy vegetation, and some sort of ambient green light filled the passageways.  The party discovered a ruined, overgrown chapel dedicated to Ky, a nature goddess, with a nearly oppressive aura of peace and contentment.  It was a nice place to rest after clearing all of that rubble.

What else will the Cobalt Cobras find in this strange, leafy dungeon greenhouse?  On to the next session!

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