Down and Out in Fort Dawnsend: The Annals of Stonehell Dungeon – Season 2 – Fourth Session

The Annals of Stonehell are the weekly record of the semi-seasonal game of D&D that I run using the brilliant Michael Curtis’s Stonehell dungeon.  (Go and buy it now; it’s worth every dang penny.)  All installments are indexed here.

June 22, 2017

The following adventurers were up to the task this week:

  • Opill the Undersage (magic-user) and his henchman, Rodrigo (thief)
  • “Hot Pot” Sullivan (halfling thief) and her henchman, Bob Agamemnon (fighter)
  • Thepp the Squinter (thief) and his henchman, Big Ol’ Roy (fighter)
  • Reader Stedda (cleric) and his henchman, Bootblack (thief)

The adventure began once again in the Reptile House, in the aftermath of a failed attempt to properly activate the Ouroboros Gate.  The party wanted to head back to Kobold Korners and Fort Dawnsend, but also wanted to poke around a bit first, just in case they found something cool.  Here’s that happened:

An iron spike in the ceiling!  And an old wardrobe with treasure!  The party found a ruined bedchamber full of smashed furniture, and, weirdly, an iron spike stuck into the ceiling.  The player characters furtively fiddled around with the iron spike but couldn’t figure out how to get it down.  Thepp the Squinter took a close look at the broken wardrobe: no passageways to Narnia or anywhere else, but a hidden compartment full of gold!  Huzzah!

A ruined chapel!  With weirdly regular stone piles!  Why?  The party then investigated a ruined chapel full or strangely regular piles of stoned, at perfectly measured intervals.  Not sure what the deal was there, but disturbing the piles didn’t do anything.  File that one away for later.

Out of the dungeon to Fort Dawnsend!  The party managed to get back out of Stonehell and up into the box canyon, where they investigated some of the ruins before finally camping and heading back to Fort Dawnsend, ever vigilant for the yellow-and-black-clad brigand gang that plagues adventures heading back from Stonehell.

Encounters with other adventurers!  Everyone gets jealous!  And the party gets a name!  And matching jerkins!  Back in Stonehell, the party headed straight to the Lion’s Head Tavern, the usual adventurer’s haunt, where they enjoyed the lamb stew with displacer beast.  At a nearby table sat another group of adventurers, calling themselves the Order of the Brazen Toad.  They had awesome matching tabards and a cool standard with a toad on a pole, and the player characters were insanely jealous.  Plus, the Order was dismissive and snobby.  So the party decided they needed a name and uniforms.  Thus, on that day, was born the Cobalt Cobras.  The party decided on matching blue leather jerkins with embroidered cobras on the left breast.

Getting custom-made jerkins is hard!  Especially when there are accusations of witchcraft!  The Cobalt Cobras immediately set out to get their matching jerkins made, but it turned out it would take a whole week, so they decided to just hang around town.  The first few days were uneventful (the party passed on a terrible investment opportunity), but on the fourth day, Reader Stedda was accused of witchcraft.  He narrowly escaped town by hopping over the wall while the angry crowd pelted him with rotten eggs and rotten vegetables, and he spent the rest of the week sleeping in the woods outside of town.

A debt collector!  And a quarg hunt!  While kicking around town waiting for the jerkins, “Hot Pot” Sullivan ran into an aggressive debt collector, who claimed that Hot Pot owed 100 gold plus interest on an old debt.  Hot Pot says the debt was her ex-husband’s (the one that left her with a heavily scarred face—heaven help him if he ever crosses paths with her again), but she paid up to avoid an entanglement with the Fort’s garrison and a stint in debtor’s prison.  A few days later, Hot Pot was invited by some locals on a “quarg hunt,” so she spent all night in the woods with the traditional quarg hunting regalia—a net, a bell on a long pole, and a bag of garlic.  By dawn, she realized that they were having her on.

Back to the dungeon!  And an unfortunate encounter with the black-eyed elf!  The week passed, the party picked up their custom-made blue jerkins (enough for everyone!), and the Cobalt Cobras headed back to Stonehell.  Back in Kobold Korners, in their way through the market, the party bumped into a white-haired elf with pitch black eyes and an ornate brass bracelet on his right arm.  The player characters asked the elf about the Ouroboros Gate, and even showed him the tome they pilfered with the snake devouring itself on the cover.  The elf’s reaction was singularly hostile; in accented common, he demanded that the party give him the book and leave Stonehell forever, and, when the player characters refused, the elf made himself absolutely clear: “Consider yourselves dead.”

On to the next session!


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