The Ouroboros Gate: The Annals of Stonehell Dungeon – Season 2 – Third Session

The Annals of Stonehell are the weekly record of the semi-seasonal game of D&D that I run using the brilliant Michael Curtis’s Stonehell dungeon.  (Go and buy it now; it’s worth every dang penny.)  All installments are indexed here.

June 15, 2017

The following adventurers were up to the task this week:

  • “Hot Pot” Sullivan (halfling thief) and her henchman, Bob Agamemnon (fighter)
  • Thepp the Squinter (thief) and his henchman, Big Ol’ Roy (fighter)
  • Reader Stedda (cleric) and his henchman, Bootblack (thief)
  • Knar the Broken (fighter) and his henchman, Cod Cully (fighter)

The adventure picked up in the Reptile House, in the aftermath of the hobgoblin ambush.  The player characters scouted the room a bit and found that it overlooked some sort of arena or pit where giant flies were feasting on the remains of a huge beast.  Nobody thought that would be a fun way to go, so they headed on towards (hopefully) the Ouroboros Gate.  Here’s what they found along the way:

More lizardmen!  And a deal is struck!  The party entered a large feast and assembly hall, dominated by a statue of a huge cobra.  In the hall was yet another patrol of lizardmen.  They were on edge but not directly hostile once the player characters established that they were not planning on desecrating the lizardmen’s sanctum.  Ultimately, the party traded their hobgoblin captive to the lizardmen for more information about the Ouroboros Gate (and another warning about the elf with the black eyes), and they all tried really hard not to think about the hobgoblin’s fate (spoiler: the lizardmen were definitely going to eat him).  As the party moved on towards the room containing the gate, they ominously stepped over a huge shed snakeskin…

The Ouroboros Gate!  And a big snake!  And more snakes!  Seriously, snakes everywhere!  Finally, the party turned right and entered a chamber furnished as a bedroom, containing a huge stone carving of a snake devouring itself: probably the Ouroboros Gate!  As the player characters crossed the room, they heard the tell-tale rattle of a rattlesnake under the bed.  They peeked under the bed from a distance and confirmed their fears: this was not merely a rattlesnake, but a huge rattlesnake, coiled and angry and under the bed.  The party unloaded missile weapons and flaming oil pots on the thing until it died, and fortunately took no casualties.  Reader Stedda decided to rig up a device to extract venom from the snake (he ain’t smart but he’s clever).  Turning to the Gate, the player characters tried various things to make it work; eventually, Thepp the Squinter pressed the statue’s eye, causing a flickering green field of light to spring into existence .  “Hot Pot” Sullivan, feeling brave and immortal, tried walking through.  Unfortunately, not only was she not transported anywhere, but all of her torches and crossbow quarrels suddenly turned into live snakes, biting her something fierce.  She survived, but barely.  Frustrated, the party searched the rest of the room, finding a box of gold coins, a key on a lanyard, and a hammered gold leaf bookmark.

Spiders!  Books!  More fire!  Heading back the way they came, the party stopped to check out a nearby room with an open door.  It was an old scriptorium draped in spider webs, with the upper third of the room completely willed with webbing.  The player characters tossed in a lit vial of flaming oil and shut the door.  While the flames scoured the room, the party heard the unholy screeches of giant spiders roasting inside and trying to get out.  Once the flames subsided, the party went into the room to find the bodies of three giant black widow spiders, a desiccated body used as the spiders’ storage unit (full of treasure!), and a few intact books, written in some ancient and inscrutable language, but one of them was inscribed with the ouroboros image on the cover.

At that point, having had enough fun and not really sure what to do with the Ouroboros Gate next, the party headed back out of the Reptile House, strongly considering taking a trip out of the dungeon to Fort Dawnsend to recuperate and regroup.

On to the next session!


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