Rummaging through the Reptile House: The Annals of Stonehell Dungeon – Season 2 – Second Session

The Annals of Stonehell are the weekly record of the semi-seasonal game of D&D that I run using the brilliant Michael Curtis’s Stonehell dungeon.  (Go and buy it now; it’s worth every dang penny.)  All installments are indexed here.

June 8, 2017

The following adventurers were up to the task this week:

  • Opill the Undersage (magic-user) and his henchman, Rodrigo (thief)
  • Fast Fist Forbinn (fighter) and his henchman, Conchobar (fighter)
  • Reader Stedda (cleric) and his henchman, Bootblack (thief)
  • Thepp the Squinter (thief) and his henchman, Big Ol’ Roy (fighter)
  • “Hot Pot” Sullivan (halfling thief) and her henchman, Bob Agamemnon (fighter)
  • Eshto Mastodon (fighter) with no henchman

This week’s adventure began with a side-quest by Opill the Undersage and Fast Fist Forbinn, since nobody else showed up on time.

An Acolyte of Chaos with terrible taste!  And a courier job!  Opill and Fast Fist made it back to the Festering Itch before everyone else, so while they were kicking back and relaxing, they were approached by a human priest wearing robes that looked like they were designed by Ed Hardy.  He identified himself as Buzz, the Acolyte of Chaos, and said he was looking for some hardy boys to make a delivery into the undead-infested Quiet Halls, immediately to the north of Kobold Korners.  Buzz said that he and his co-religionists had been trying to make contact with a hermit named Malfreces Nul who lives in a crypt.  So far, Nul has rebuffed the acolytes’ advances, so the acolytes want to give Nul a gift, which Buzz showed to the player characters: a chaotic grimoire, bound in black leather with gold filigree.  Buzz promised to compensate the player characters well for their efforts, and gave them some general directions, but most importantly he warned them to not open the book.  Opill and Fast Fist agreed, and headed out.

The kobold warehouse!  And more very exciting unfilled work orders!  The trip to the Quiet Halls went through the kobolds’ busy goods warehouse, where Opill and Fast Fist noted the board with unfilled orders.  Most interesting were orders for five shrunken heads and a lich’s coccyx.

Economic exploitation by the kobold with the tall hat!  Opill and Fast Fist met their first obstacle: the locked gate leading out of Kobold Korners.  They were unable to pick the lock, so they had to “rent” a key from the kobold’s watch captain (the one with the tallest hat) for 10 gp.

A slobbering, flopping monstrosity!  In the Quiet Halls and on their way to Malfreces Nul’s crypt, Opill and Fast Fist came face to face with some horrible, wet, flopping thing in the hallway ahead of them…

But then the rest of the players showed up and the player playing Opill had to go to bed (because he is eleven years old), so we put that side quest on hold and joined the rest of the party back in the cantina, trying to figure out how to proceed with the task that Lachesis the Medusa had set them to (i.e., find out how to pass through the Ouroboros Gate).  They decided to head into the Reptile House, the area of Stonehell below the Quiet Halls, and noted the unfilled orders in the warehouse.  The kobold with the tall hat was unavailable, but fortunately, Hot Put Sullivan was a better lockpick than Rodrigo and was able to pick the locked gate.

A scything blade trap to the face!  On the stairs down to the Reptile House, Reader Stedda noticed a large groove in the wall.  He decided to investigate closely, and triggered a scything blade trap.  Ouch!  He was injured seriously but not killed, and so he wasted his cure light wounds spell dealing with his own foolishness.  Reader Stedda claims he was the smartest man in his home village.  One shudders to think of the kind of brain trust that place is.

Glowing mushrooms in an ominous figure!  And a rare moment of wisdom!  Down in the Reptile House the player characters were assaulted by a marshy smell and the smell of lizards, and right at the landing, they found a patch of glowing mushrooms I the shape of a humanoid body.  They decided to not to eat them.

Totem poles with shrunken heads!  After finding a metal spike in the ground with a frayed rope attached to it and afraid of what that might signal, the party wound its way into some sort of tribal ceremonial room, decked with totem poles decorated with feathers and shrunken heads.  Fast Fist meticulously gathered five of them.  Order filled!

Gross eggs!  And parley with the lizardmen!  In an adjacent room, the party found a clutch of leathery eggs, recently broken and oozing something onto the flagstones.  At nearly the same time, a band of lizardmen approached the party, cautiously with spears out.  Hot Put Sullivan was able to parley with them in the neutral tongue.  The lizardmen were mostly concerned that the player characters not defile their sanctuary (which they apparently had not done yet), so they were willing to give some information, most important of which was that they knew the location of what they called the Serpent-That-Devours-Itself, which the player characters sure hope is the Ouroboros Gate and not some terrible monster.  The lizardmen also warned the party about a pale elf with jet black eyes who has been seen coming and going from the room with the Serpent-That-Devours-Itself.

Carnivorous flies!  And treasure (finally)!  On their way to the Serpent-That-Devours-Itself, the party made short work of a pair of carnivorous flies feasting on the corpse of a hobgoblin (probably from the hobgoblin army that is occupying part of the same level of the dungeon), and looted a couple of nice-looking gems from the body.

Hobgoblin ambush!  And a captive!  Continuing on their way, the party was ambushed by a group of hobgoblins shooting crossbows from a perch at the top of a staircase.  The party was pinned down for awhile, until Fast Fist Forbinn used a ring of invisibility and elven boots to scout the hobgoblins’ position.  As there were only three hobgoblins, the party decided to rush them (armored guys first, of course).  The player characters put two of the hobgoblins to the sword and the third one surrendered.

On to the next session!


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