Escape from the Lizardmen’s Grotto

This weekend my brother an adventure involving an escape from the clutches of a bloodthirsty lizardman tribe.  The PCs begin in wooden cages in the center area, destined for sacrifice.

He asked for one exit route through the lizardman area, but with the potential for rescuing other captives, and a second exit through flooded caves.  I added one, possibly two more exits.
After talking through the (finished) map, we also came up with a jade mine (the entrance would be in one of the cliff faces in the central grotto.  It has a bloated giant lizardman overseer, a cockatrice accidentally stalking the tunnels, and a secret plan for the miners to dig an escape tunnel.
Escape from the Lizardmen's Grotto
Obviously it’s hand-drawn and hand-written.
Also, here’s a random encounter chart:
Random Encounters in the Grotto

One Response to “Escape from the Lizardmen’s Grotto”

  1. In retrospect I’m not very satisfied with the water cave exit on the left. Were I do do the thing again I would have the path divide a couple of times, include one bona fide dead end, and maybe even add a second connection to the mines or the main grotto. As it is, it’s much too straightforward and basically linear. Actually, that’s my problem with the whole thing–it really consists of a bunch of more or less linear spokes out from the center, so it’s a choose-your-own linear dungeon adventure. I’d like for the different spokes to connect to each other.

    That said, I knocked the whole thing out in maybe a half an hour as a favor for my brother and really wanted it to all fit on one page, so I hereby forgive myself for the map’s inadequacies.

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