A Way Better Random Hamlet Name Chart

Jeff Rients came up with a pretty good chart for Random Hamlet Names, but I thought I could do better, so here it is:

d20 Name
1 Barnardo
2 Claudius
3 Cornelius
4 Fortinbras
5 Francisco
6 Gertrude
7 Ghost
8 Guildenstern
9 Hamlet
10 Horatio
11 Laertes
12 Lucianus
13 Marcellus
14 Ophelia
15 Osric
16 Polonius
17 Reynaldo
18 Rosencrantz
19 Voltemand
20 Yorick

One Response to “A Way Better Random Hamlet Name Chart”

  1. Alas, poor Ghost. I knew him, Rosencrantz.

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