Balor’s Tomb: The Disarmed Dart Trap

dungeon area 14

The player characters enter through the door at a. The wall at b, 20 feet from the door (and fully visible from the doorway by torch) is covered with dozens of relief sculptures of faces, all of which look like they are blowing air with their mouths, which obviously appear to be little holes.

At c is a pressure plate; when stepped on, a storm of poisoned darts shoots from the mouths. Any creature in front of the mouths out to a distance of 30 feet that is not comepltely behind cover is attacked by 1d6+1 darts which attack as 1-HD monsters. Each dart does 1 point of damage, plus save or be paralyzed for 1d6 turns, cumulative (i.e., if hit by two darts and both saves are failed, the paralysis lasts 2d6 turns).

At d is a lever that arms or disarms the trap. When the players first walk in from a, the trap is disarmed.

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