Warhammer Storm Of Magic: Games Workshop Uses The Magic Words

So, I’m not a big Warhammer Fantasy Battles player. I have a dwarf army and a clutter of other GW miniatures that I use for Warhammer Quest, but I haven’t actively followed the game for nearly fifteen years.

My brother, on the other hand, is a serious enthusiast, so he sent me some of the preview links from the new Storm of Magic supplement for the latest edition of WFB, and it looks like it’s the perfect combination of slick and quirky. He’s worried about what it does to game balance, but I thumb my nose at game balance. I hate game balance. I only love game awesome.

And this has game awesome, as evidenced by the web team’s use of two of my favorite words:

There’s a fantastic collection of spells and monsters in this book, from the old to the new. Who thought we’d ever see Zoats again, or the Fimir? And who could forget Assault of Stone, where the wizard can literally re-shape the battlefield around him? There are new spells for all races and even the Dwarfs get to join in with special Ancestor Runes that really are as potent as they sound.

I’m just hoping Ambulls get in this thing somehow, too.

It’s probably not enough to make my buy back into the game, but it sure is enough to hope my brother gets this so I can play with his.

5 Responses to “Warhammer Storm Of Magic: Games Workshop Uses The Magic Words”

  1. Thanks for pointing out the existence of the Fimir. I may have to swipe them for my D&D campaign.

  2. I have a handful of plastic miniatures of Fimir from the old Heroquest boardgame. They definitely see play when I run a dungeon…

  3. Me and your bro were neck-and-neck for WFB fanboyness until 8th edition came out, and I think I can safely say that at this point no amount of cool supplement is going to get me back into a game that’s 3 times as expensive and half as fun as it was five years ago. However, I think a return of the Fimm would be cool (I’ve been trying to find a way to sneak them in to my weekly WFRP game for awhile now).

  4. Like I said, I want someone else to buy this so I can play with it.

  5. Sneak peak of ForgeWorld’s Fimir miniatures is up: http://emperorscodex.blogspot.com/2011/12/forgeworld-fimir-warrior-sneak-peak.html

    It gives me a Fimirection.

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