D&D Monsters: Now With Illustrations!

I managed to rope my old man into illustrating these monsters as I stat them up. You may know his work if you were a gamer in the 1980’s (Jeff Rients does, at least), when it seemed like his art was everywhere.

He’s done one drawing so far, the Blightling, and I couldn’t be more pleased:

I’ll be adding his illustrations to my monsters as he does them. All the more reason to follow along!

3 Responses to “D&D Monsters: Now With Illustrations!”

  1. Right? I’m really happy with it. I decided against any art direction at all: I write the monster’s description, I send it to him, he draws the picture, I post it. If it looks different than how I imagined it, that’s just as well. Collaborative synergy. A whole greater than the sum of the parts.

  2. Another old-timer here. I can recall the old Traveler stuff.

    Good for you both! Great that you guys can have a connection over something like this.

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