Jeff Rients: The Dungeon As The Psyche

In response to a recent open thread on Grognardia, Jeff Rients posted the following comment:

I believe that the descent into the dungeon is a symbolic representation of the rational mind attempting to understand the irrational, unconscious self. Therefore dungeons should have something important to say but they are under no obligation to make any sense.

I don’t know how seriously he meant this, but I think it might be one of the most, if not the most, important things ever said about roleplaying games. I will be thinking about this pretty intensely, so expect a more substantial post about it soon.

3 Responses to “Jeff Rients: The Dungeon As The Psyche”

  1. You bet your bippy I was serious.

  2. El_Bryanto Says:

    That makes some sense. I do know when I first started playing D&D again I was a bit annoying in trying to assign meaning to why things were set up the way they were. As if the fact that the kobolds were in a specific spot had meaning and was part of the puzzle of the dungeon. Why were they there? What were they trying to attempt?

    I suppose it is because I see the Kobolds as characters – trying to do something and accomplish something, rather than as representations of ideas. Something to think about.

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