Warhammer Quest: Updating the Bestiary

Still thinking about Warhammer Quest here on the haunted space station orbiting the Asura Star.

One daunting task is going to be updating the bestiary. Many new miniatures and army books have been released since Warhammer Quest came out, and consequently, many new monster options exist now. The Tomb Kings/Vampire Counts split had not yet happened when the game was released; Ogre Kingdoms were not an option yet; Beasts of Chaos were just “beastmen.” We could seriously fill out the mosnter choices by just converting the profiles of all of these choices into Warhammer Quest stats.

Also, I wonder if we might find anything interesting in the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2e monster book. Probably.

I don’t want to take anything out–in particular, I dearly love Chaos Dwarves even though they have long been abandoned by Games Workshop. But if there are new miniatures for new monsters, I don’t see a good reason not to stat them up and engage them in bloody combat in the dark places of the Old World.

One consideration, I suppose, is how much of the project needs to be bitten off in one go. In reality, it probably makes more sense to only stat up a new mosnter when we have a miniature for it and are already ready to throw it in the game. It kind of castrates the project to think of it that way, but it’s honestly more realistic to grow it organixcally we we plan and as we expand than to bite off this big game design homebrew thing that we’ll likely never finish. After all, it’s better to have one fully statted up new monster that we can actually play with than a whole book full of unfinished shit we can’t use.

And I’m not sure I even have anything right now that I could stat up and use. Except for the Fimir! For the record, I want to stat up the Fimir and use them really bad. I still have all of my old HeroQuest stuff, so I can use them right now, and Fimir are officially awesome.

I might have some Lizardmen and Skinks floating around, too, but I think there might be a Deathblow article out there where they have been statted up already. That brings up a point I addressed in my post about statting up the Amazon (hmm, what about Amazons as monsters? Pygmies? Other stuff from older editions of Warhammer? The expansion can go both ways in time…)–I realize that a lot of work has already been done by fans to stat up everything in existence for Warhammer Quest, and I could draw on some of that, and I might. But at the end of the day, I do usually think it’s the most fun to do it myself.

One question lingering is how true we want to stay to the existing Warhammer world. Should we stat up, say, an Aboleth for Warhammer Quest? A Mind flayer? They’re not Warhammer monsters, but do we care? They might be fun. Something to think about, at least.

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