Warhammer Quest: Amazon Warrior

We’ve been getting excited about Warhammer Quest lately here in orbit around the Asura Star. I broke out my old boxed set and played it with my son last weekend, and he has been asking to play again (sadly, I am a lawyer at a big firm, so I work pretty long hours during the week, but we’re planning on playing again on Saturday).

Anyway, it’s fun, and my brother has expressed a heavy interest in expanding and developing the game a bit beyond what currently exists. There are a lot of houserules and homebrews out there for Warhammer Quest, but in the end we’re going to want to put together our own pet homebrew version, possibly even with custom cards (yes, I realize you can just have a table, but no, that’s not nearly as much fun) for each battle-level and even custom dungeon tiles.

What’s buzzing around my bonnet though is the urge to write up a new Warrior. This is not an unusual urge–there are probably a billion custom Warriors for Warhammer Quest floating aroud there on the internet. What I specifically want to create is a Lustrian Amazon, but I don’t want a Norsca-disapora Amazon that we saw in Mordheim.

I want an old Warhammer Fantasy Battles Second Edition Amazon armed with ancient Slann relics like laspistols. More exotic.

That’s all I’ve got right now. Just an inkling of an idea. Thoughts?

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