The Tastes of the Various Colors of Dragons

This morning, my four-year old son, apropos of nothing, began pontificating on the flavors of the various colors of the dragons. My two-year old daughter had just claimed to have eaten unicorn, and my son topped her by claiming to have eaten dragon, and then he proceeded unprompted to explain what different color dragons taste like. I shall relate:

-Red dragons taste like strawberry.
-Yellow dragons taste like banana, or lemon.
-Green dragons taste like pea. Not the kind of pee that you go, but the kind that’s a vegetable you eat. Or green beans.
-Purple dragons taste like grapes or eggplant.
-Blue dragons taste like blueberries.
-Black dragons just taste yucky.
-My daughter claimed that white dragons taste like watermelon, but my son vehemently disagreed and insisted that they taste like rice and onions.
-Pink dragons taste like cake.
-Rainbow dragons taste like lemon cake with sprinkles.
-Violet dragons taste like turnips.

And there you have it.  Forewarned is forearmed!

3 Responses to “The Tastes of the Various Colors of Dragons”

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  2. The worst is when you bite into a purple dragon expecting it to take like grape, but you get eggplant.

  3. In case it is not clear, the violet turnip-flavored dragon was intended to be delicious.

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